We're your ROI-driven, full-funnel growth team

Higher search intent, upgraded creative & audiences, new channel diversification, friction elimination, and proactive activation.

We approach projects as an integrated team, addressing all channels and layering design over a tech backbone for consistent and impactful messages that are measurable.

Our strategy is rooted in your goals, not our potential profit. Get customized solutions that always hit your target (“we’ll do it for you” or “we’ll do it with you”).


What we do

Marketing strategy

Extending your brand’s reach across multiple digital platforms, from paid media to life cycle marketing, all designed with continuous growth and conversions in mind.

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Leveraging back- and front-end development with UX/UI at the forefront and complete web, mobile, iOS and Android app development capabilities.

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Creating unforgettable human experiences that emotionalize and drive users to take action by uniting beautiful designs, functionality and purpose across multiple marketing channels and mediums.

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Enterprise SEO

Driving targeted user segments, boosting your traffic and increasing organic keyword rankings with data-directed insights.

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Content marketing

Building audiences, driving clicks and increasing brand awareness across channels with content that engages, informs and converts — from copywriting to social media management.

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Paid media

Identifying optimal revenue streams through the planning, testing, managing and optimizing of scalable PPC, native, social media and display ad campaigns.

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How we deliver

Friendly chat

Every engagement starts with a friendly chat so we can unearth your needs and see your vision.

Opportunities analysis

Next, we talk strategy and create a customized marketing plan based on your business objectives and industry-leading best practices.

Campaign implementation

Then we get to work executing your customized plan, deploying and exploring the tactics and channels that will get you immediate results and continue to spur growth.

Ongoing refinement

After launch, we relentlessly monitor performance metrics to make sure you’re getting the highest return on investment. We’ll tune, test and further refine your campaigns to generate the best outcome.

We want to solve your growth problems.

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Kantaloupe is a digital marketing and technology agency specializing in the execution of strategic omnichannel campaigns. What drives us? Your growth.

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