We transform a brand's relationship with digital

By applying a holistic approach to marketing, technology and business, we drive persistent growth for brands.

Our story

Kantaloupe took root in response to a need our founder, Roie Raitses, experienced firsthand — a need for consistency and connectivity across marketing channels and technology. Having turned to multiple specialized agencies for the companies he founded, he noticed a trend: a lack of inter-agency collaboration that led to disconnected messaging, high customer acquisition costs and resource-intensive operations. And so Kantaloupe was born, leveraging Roie’s passion and tenacity for digital marketing and more than 20 years of experience founding and growing successful businesses from the ground up.

Meet Kantaloupe

We solve growth problems

Whatever your growth goals, we can help you reach them: laser-focused search intent, upgraded creative, new audiences, channel diversification, funnel friction elimination and proactive engagement.

An omnichannel approach

We approach projects as an integrated team, addressing all channels and layering design over a tech backbone for consistent and impactful messages that are measurable.

A sustainable partnership

Our strategy is rooted in your goals, not our potential profit. Get customized solutions that always hit your target.

Just some of the sites we’ve audited

We're so passionate about CRO, we've dedicated a whole site to it: BigCro.com

Our core values

Creating highly successful marketing funnels, building digital products and cultivating brands is what drives us. By delivering predictable business results, we drive high ROIs for growing companies.



Process over outcome




Why choose Kantaloupe?

It’s simple — we provide a refreshing and proven approach to marketing. We have experience launching multiple companies and successful campaigns, a remarkable team and a culture of excellence. We love what we do and treat your brand as our own. That’s why we created a sustainable approach to a brand’s digital investment, so we can keep doing what we love — driving persistent brand growth.

A sustainable service model that delivers

We integrate marketing, technology and business analysis into our approach, implementation and optimization methodologies.



Budget maximization

CAC optimization

We're Kantaloupe

Fun, speed, action and quality – this unique hybrid of elements makes us successful. Collectively, we bring decades of experience supporting the marketing, technology and business needs of multiple brands.

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