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Kantaloupe’s data-driven approach to paid media accelerates business growth by making the most of your advertising budget and minimizing your overall cost per acquisition.

Perfecting the science of paid media

Data-driven experimentation

Experimentation is the lynchpin of paid advertising success. So at Kantaloupe, we follow the data. We test, refine and retest every ad, creative and landing page to push conversion rates higher and higher. The process is iterative, so we’re always moving the needle to maximize your return on advertising spend.

case study

See how we helped Fast Capital 360 decrease its cost per acquisition by 41%.

In 90 days, we increased conversion rates by 25% and paid acquisition leads by 20% while lowering cost per clicks by 35%. Want results like these?

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Advanced targeting

Paid ads only make a difference when they reach and resonate with the right audience. We pull every available lever to maximize your return on investment. Audience segmentation, geotargeting, dayparting, retargeting, sequential messaging — you name it, we optimize it to help you boost traffic and conversions and reach your growth goals faster.

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Beyond search

No brand should limit its paid efforts to search alone. Meet your customers with compelling media in their preferred channel — be it Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Kantaloupe specializes in multiple search and social networks. We’ll direct you to just the right channels that will deliver the best results for your paid media ads.

  • Paid search
  • Display
  • Video
  • Native
  • Social media

Full-funnel integration

Paid media is more than a bottom-funnel strategy. With Kantaloupe, achieve cross-channel success up and down your funnel with search, display and social ads that raise brand awareness, fuel interest and close deals.

Our paid process

Get in front of the right eyes at the right time with Kantaloupe.  

Here’s how:


A thorough analysis of your business, industry and competitors coupled with custom KPI setting based on business goals


Rigorous keyword research, audience segmentation and targeting based on product, service, intended customers and stage


Expert ad and landing page creation built to generate relevant clicks and drive conversions


Ongoing data-driven refinement and A/B testing to improve what’s working (and eliminate what’s not)

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