Win more customers
with a results-focused conversion agency

Don’t settle for an average conversion rate. Drive qualified leads and stay ahead of your competitors by improving the user experience (UX).

With Kantaloupe, craft a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy that reduces drop-offs and multiplies your profits.

  • Gain more customers from existing site traffic by understanding the “why” behind user actions.
  • Collaborate with marketers, copywriters and designers to develop a roadmap for landing pages that align with your business goals.
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition and drastically improve your return on investment.
  • Take your website experience to the next level by focusing on the needs of your audience.

Choose a conversion agency that helps you grow faster

It doesn’t matter how much you spend to get website traffic. If your site is hard to use or visitors can’t find what they want, they’ll quickly bounce off.

A qualified CRO agency helps you avoid that and offers the following benefits:

  • End-to-end execution of your entire conversion optimization needs to get the most out of your customer acquisition efforts
  • Accurate customer insights that let you identify the exact needs of your audience
  • Hypothesis development and execution of A/B and multivariate tests to drive maximum sales online
  • Faster optimization of your landing pages, such as product and service pages, based on test result data
  • Regular monitoring of industry trends designed to help you  stay ahead of your competitors

Our CRO process
for revenue

Don’t just drive traffic. Convert your existing visitors. Find quick and easy CRO wins with our user-centric strategies to generate conversions.

Here are some of the features we offer:

  • Complete understanding of the user journey to understand the barriers to conversion
  • Segmented surveys to collect user feedback and devise UX-friendly strategies to close more leads
  • Effective heatmap-tracking for high-converting landing pages
  • Smart A/B testing to identify and fix conversion bottlenecks
  • Content personalization that matches user intent, delivering maximum value to site visitors and converting them to customers
  • Regular tracking and optimization of vital key performance indicators to nurture prospects and bring them closer to the sales funnel
  • Data-driven approach to conversion optimization designed to drive maximum sales in the shortest possible time
  • Sophisticated lead-nurturing campaigns to re-engage your customers for even more sales

Top CRO tools we use

The right choice of CRO tools is crucial to fix leaky conversion funnels. From analyzing data to tracking user behavior, every profitable segment is uncovered to create high-performing landing pages.

The following tools help us boost our CRO process and improve our clients’ sales.

  • Google Analytics 360
  • Adobe Analytics
  • VWO
  • Kissmetrics
  • Amazon A/B Testing
  • Clicktale
  • Hotjar
  • Unbounce
  • Needle
  • Qualaroo
  • Evergage
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Instapage

Why choose Kantaloupe
as your CRO agency

Stop wasting your ad budget by sending your traffic to the home page. Landing pages are specially designed to match campaign objectives resulting in maximum conversions. Get in touch with Kantaloupe to take your campaign revenue to the next level.

Turn your existing site traffic into paying customers. Work with a result-oriented CRO agency that specializes in fixing low conversion rates and maximizing sales.

  • Identify the website elements that have maximum impact on CRO.
  • Seamlessly manage, test and optimize every conversion point in the sales funnel.
  • Leverage powerful and persuasive copywriting to create high-converting headlines and ad copies.
  • Reduce cart abandonment by optimizing your shopping cart pages.
  • Make your customers happy with powerful testing and personalization.
  • Apply a proven methodology to convert insights into strategies that fuel business growth.
  • Work with a team of conversion optimization specialists, including data analysts, copywriters, developers and CRO managers.

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