Superhero in an orange costume, yellow cape and an icon of an envelope on his chest soars amid a red sky with clouds.
Up, Up and Away: How to Create Email Sequences That Send Conversions Soaring

Here’s what you need to know to write a top-performing email sequence. See examples and techniques to help you set up your automated outreach campaigns today.

Graphic of robotic machine arms picking up an email icon and a Facebook icon and placing into a computer, illustrating the concept of marketing automation.
And the Awards for Best Marketing Automation Software Go to …

Here’s our top-10 list of best marketing automation software. Whether you’re B2B, B2C, a startup or an established business, find a platform that’ll work for you.

We'll explore the benefits of inbound marketing HubSpot as well as other tools of the software.
Why Go Hubspot? 10 Reasons to Use It for Inbound Marketing

Learn about the advantages of using HubSpot to support your inbound marketing efforts: You can integrate the all-in-one software with WooCommerce, connect with more leads and run customized email campaigns, among many other features. Find out how your business can

A transactional email is just what it sounds like: an email a person receives after a transaction.
11 Transactional Email Best Practices You Can’t Be Without

Here are top transactional email best practices as well as examples and a breakdown of what differentiates marketing and transactional emails.

Why You Need Salesforce Blockchain in Your Life

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology constantly referenced in the news as a source of secure, reliable data transmission across multiple data sources and networks, and many large companies are currently scrambling to incorporate the technology into their systems to protect

Salesforce’s cloud-computing solutions integrate predictive intelligence and development capabilities via proprietary platforms.
Salesforce Architecture: What You Need to Know (and How to Wield It)

Here’s what you need to know about Salesforce architecture, including the cloud-based multitenant environment, Salesforce APIs and more.

The ability to connect disparate digital platforms to your Salesforce customer relationship management system is easier than ever.
Salesforce Integration: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Salesforce Integration can revolutionize your business, but bad implementation can derail your plans. Here’s how to avoid mistakes.

Integrating your marketing automation tool with your current customer relationship management system can help you succeed.
Marketing Automation and CRM Integration: Key Tips for Success

Integrating your marketing automation and CRM tools can transform the way you engage with your audience and optimize their experience with your brand.

Purple robot, signifying marketing automation, smiles.
5 Marketing Automation Examples and How to Make Them Work for Your Business

Marketing automation systems allow your teams to streamline their processes and supercharge their messaging. See 5 examples of automation at work.

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