Grow traffic and sales with the Kantaloupe Adwords management company

Still paying for non-converting clicks? Join hands with Google-certified Adwords management experts to add emotional triggers to your messaging and encourage prospects to buy.

Always get the maximum return on your investment — at Kantaloupe we strive for excellence.

  • Target potential customers at any point in the sales funnel to achieve the highest impressions, clicks and conversions.
  • Nurture prospects with remarketing and personalize your offerings for every site visitor to get the maximum conversions.
  • Work with more than one PPC platform and expand your brand presence.
  • Rigorously optimize your paid campaigns to achieve exceptional results.

Why choose an Adwords management agency

A PPC agency helps you get the most out of your budget and adequately attribute revenue to every campaign. They make sure that your PPC ad messaging is right for prospects at every marketing funnel stage. 

With rigorous testing of ads, keywords, bids and CTAs, the Adwords management company takes full responsibility for creating the highest ROI campaigns. Working with a certified Google Ads agency has a lot of advantages.

  • Full assistance to create proper campaign structure, bidding strategy and ad-text optimization.
  • Frequent monitoring of campaigns to maintain the highest rankings.
  • Usage of the most efficient Adwords tools that experts use to improve the performance of your ads.
  • Proven Google Ads strategies to defeat your competitors.
  • Avoidance of money-draining PPC mistakes that can quickly consume your budget.
  • Keeping your campaigns cost-effective to generate the highest ROI.

PPC management

Create data-driven, goal-oriented and conversion-focused PPC campaigns. Our proven PPC strategies consistently drive new customers to your business.

  • Successful campaign and ad group creation
  • Right keyword selection that directly matches the user intent and the ad copy
  • Effective utilization of a range of keyword types like broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, exact match and negative match
  • Perfect grouping of similar keywords into relevant ad groups
  • Careful selection of negative keywords that helps improve CTR
  • Smart bidding prioritization in special cases to achieve campaign goals
  • Tighter control over daily budget and bids to avoid overspending
  • Awesome landing page creation that matches the user intent and offers maximum conversion rates
  • Savvy ad platform selection based on buyer persona
  • Regular A/B testing to exceed your conversion goals

Fine-tune your ads
for your target audience

Choose from a variety of ad types tailored to meet your desired KPI targets. Display your ads on websites that your customers trust. Reach your ideal customers with native ads that are cohesive with the page content.

  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • Shopping ads
  • In-app display ads
  • Video ads
  • Retargeting ads
  • Mobile ads

Gain massive reach by choosing a combination of PPC ad networks

Get the most out of your investment by selecting the right ad platform based on your business goals.

Pick the most relevant platform from dozens of PPC ad networks to outsmart your competition.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Yahoo Gemini Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Taboola Ads
  • AdRoll Ads

Add the power
of Kantaloupe to
your marketing arsenal

Stop wasting your ad budget by sending your traffic to the home page. Landing pages are specially designed to match campaign objectives resulting in maximum conversions. Get in touch with Kantaloupe to take your campaign revenue to the next level.

Partner with one of the finest PPC management companies to get started with paid search marketing and generate instant leads.

  • Unique PPC management strategies based on your business goals
  • Behavioral targeting to reach audiences genuinely interested in your products and services
  • Daily monitoring of search campaigns to adjust bids, daily budget, scheduling ads and pausing non-performing ads to stay on top of KPIs
  • Rich-ad creatives across search, shopping, video and display ads
  • High-converting landing page design and regular optimization after rigorous A/B testing
  • 100% transparency and KPI-based reporting
  • Accurate call and conversion tracking
  • Maximum value from your investment by targeting return on ad spends (ROAS)
  • Dedicated PPC experts to answer all your queries

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